Greg Williams ”GW” — Biography

Like many athletes, Greg   Williams' fitness journey began in high school, where, as an all-rounder, he excelled in basketball, football, and wrestling. However, unlike many high school athletes, GW’s journey did not end with graduation. In fact, it reached new heights when he was crowned the undefeated WKA Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion at 205lbs. Fueled by his success Greg has dedicated his life to showing others, particularly low-income families in the Tri-state, New Jersey, and New York neighborhoods where he spent much of his childhood, how enriching fitness and sports can be.

Gregs first steps into coaching started in 2013 as an aerobics instructor for a small non-profit group in Newark NJ cofounded by Rutgers University. Using techniques learned from his own childhood boxing coach, Harold Shadow” Knight — former co-trainer of world champion boxer Lenox Lewis — and Nasir Muhammed of D.O.R.C.A. Boxing Academy, Greg became a Certified Personal Trainer at the renowned My Training Gym in Morristown, NJ. Known for specializing in childrens fitness as well as transforming adult stamina and physiques through intense boot camps and lifestyle changes, Greg was promoted through the ranks becoming the Head Trainer just 4 years after his apprenticeship. GW instilled his own love of fitness and boxing to clients of all ages, which he matched with a dedication to his profession.

While coaching others, GW also pursued his own interests in various forms of martial arts combat such as Kenpo, Muay-Thai, Grappling, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav-Maga while competing competitively and mastering his own personalized style of training in the process.

Having been a personal trainer for over two decades, Greg Williams offers a unique blend of Mixed Martial Arts inspired skills training infused with a strength and conditioning program to match his client’s needs. His creative metabolic workouts use a combination of resistance and mobility to improve range of motion while achieving total body optimization with dramatic results

Outside of the gym, GW practices a holistic, healthy lifestyle, eating an all-natural unprocessed diet, designed to fuel intense workouts and long training days in the gym. His enthusiasm for all things fitness often spills over to offering detailed nutrition advice with his clients, ensuring each training session fulfills its total potential.

Its one thing to weight train,” GW says, but another to do it properly. Is your stamina and mobility increasing? Are you becoming more flexible and not pulling muscles or injuring your joints? And perhaps most importantly, are you having fun?”.