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PUNCH by GW is a 50-minute high-intensity total body box to the beat workout driven by infectious hip-hop beats, mixing signature boxing training techniques such as shadow boxing and calisthenics with core strengthening and bodyweight exercises. Also incorporated is floor work with restorative yoga moves to aid movement and joint flexibility. The result is a non-stop carnival of calorie-burning moves designed to incinerate fat in the most efficient way possible. Powered by a motivating blend of hip-hop and urban grooves, PUNCH keeps the heart pumping while the adrenaline flows, and your feet connect to the rhythm of the beat. PUNCH was designed by GW utilizing a combination of punches from his arsenal of boxing and martial arts training, tallied to the beat of each carefully selected track. The random sequence of jabs, uppercuts, and hooks are called out at the instructor’s pleasure, only adding to the intensity, keeping the class on high alert, while the calories burn away, and you punch to the tempo of the music.

Why Train with Gw?

Reason one

I am an ISSA Master Celebrity Trainer based out of the NJ/NY and Boston region with over 15+ years of PT experience.

Reason two

MY training programs are designed to fit your sports specific needs or interest in order to enhance the bodies strength and ability to move freely and without pain.

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